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Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy in Norwich, Norfolk

Past Life Regression (PLR) Who Is it for?

Many people have curiosity that they may have existed on earth before and would like to explore that possibility further.  Past Life Regression can help to do this, and can be used to settle a curiosity or for therapeutic purposes.

Where appropriate, Past Life Regression could form part of a therapeutic treatment plan to help a client gain an understanding of beliefs which make no sense to this life. Hence, Past Life Regression (PLR) may help provide the key to unlock negative thoughts or behaviours helping you to move on to a new outlook on life, and achieve your goals.

Is Past Life Regression always necessary in Therapy?

No, and not often as part of therapy but when it is recommended Past Life Regression is a technique which works to identify and release negative emotions attached to subconscious past memories. By doing this the process frees you from unwanted “baggage”, so you can move on to a positive future.

Past Life Regression can form a key part of an effective treatment programme and provide a healing process whereby an individual can forgive themselves and others for past events; Because of this Past Life Regression can allow the client to move on to more harmonious relationships with themselves and those around them.

Does Past Life Regression have to be part of Therapy or can it be done on it’s own?

For some, Past Life Regression is just a matter of curiosity. Maybe you have a sense that you were someone or something else before this life. You may have a particular affiliation to a certain period in history associated with a Past Life Experience, and It doesn’t quite make sense in this life.  This may be a strong feeling or just an idea that this is not the first time you have been here, or maybe you are just interested and curious. We all know what happens to the carbon and the water when we die, but where does the energy go?

To learn more about the power of Past Life Regression, call me to discuss how I might help you.

Nicola Mills is a qualified Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner and holds a certificate in Past Life Regression Therapy.

Contact Nicola Mills (Dip Hyp CS, AAMET, CBT Dip, Sports Hypnotist,NESTA) qualified Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner Based in Norwich Norfolk