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Hypnotherapy and Relaxation in Norwich, Norfolk

What are the Benefits of Relaxation?

Relaxation and Happiness

When we learn how to relax effectively, we are less stressed and tense. Relaxation means we can enjoy ourselves in what we are doing to become happier and healthier and can lead more fulfilled lives.

Relaxation and performance

When we relax our minds and bodies reboot and process what we have learnt. This is when we internalise new skills to make them part of us. All top athletes programme in days off as part of their training because of this.

Relaxation and Health

When we are relaxing we are able to process information subconsciously without forcing our thoughts. This is why it is so important to take regular short breaks from activity, every 45 minutes or so to be able to function at optimum potential. In this way our stress is reduced as our minds can process information naturally.

Relaxation and Well Being

Imagine being to travel in your mind to your very favourite place or time in just a few minutes each day. Just imagine the benefits of having a mini holiday every single day where you can experience all the wonderful sights and sounds and sensations of a wonderful vacation. Imagine feeling  refreshed, invigorated and RELAXED in just a few minutes each day! Hypnosis can enable you to do this in an efficient and beneficial way.

Relaxation and Anxiety

When we learn to truly relax our anxiety levels can drop, and by learning to induce relaxation ourselves at any time in any safe situation this can become a new and permanent beneficial state of mind.

I will teach you relaxation techniques that you can use all your life

Relaxation through Hypnosis

Some people refer to Hypnosis as a relaxed state, and while your mind is quiet this is indeed a very relaxing experience. But hypnosis is more than just that and relaxing is a special skill all of its own.  I can help you learn to relax every day for the rest of your life in just one easy session! That’s right in just a single session I can give you everything you need to relax and move forward to a happier healthier life.

Nicola Mills (Dip Hyp CS, AAMET) qualified Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner Based in Norwich Norfolk