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Nicola Mills Hypnotherapy in Norwich
Helping you to make a difference every day.

Nicola Mills - Hypnotherapy in NorwichDo you want to feel better every day, in every way?

Are you looking for Hypnotherapy in Norwich or Norfolk?

I offer Hypnotherapy, CBT and Life Coaching from my established private clinic in Norwich, Norfolk. Because I combine techniques my clients obtain optimum and permanent results. Sometimes clients already know what type of therapy they would like (eg Hypnotherapy for Stopping Smoking) and some are happy for me to advise on what I think will be most beneficial for them. My paramount consideration is the welfare & well being of the client in all matters.

For clients unable to get to Norwich I also offer Skype sessions for some therapy.

I offer treatments for Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Improving Confidence, Anxiety, Stress Management, Phobias, Sports Performance, Past Life Regression… and coming soon to the website… Hypnosis for Fertility.
I am also very excited to offer the HYPNO-BAND weight loss system for people who have a lot of weight they want to lose.

I have been practicing hypnosis for many years with my first personal experience of hypnosis using hypnosis for relaxation as respite from a busy lifestyle. I remember being amazed by the fantastic sense of well-being that relaxing this way provided, and my clients report the same enjoyment of the therapeutic process. I still find it a humbling experience how quickly I can help someone find a solution.

I hold a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and an EFT Practitioner certificate Level 2, a Diploma in CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a certificate in Sports Hypnosis, and am a qualified Youth and Life Coach. I am fully insured and my governing body is the Hypnotherapy Society.

How do I decide who to choose to help me?

Because of the personal nature of the work it is important that you find a practitioner that you feel comfortable with for your journey, so I encourage you to take advantage of my free phone consultation prior to booking.

I love helping clients to overcome something that has been holding them up and hearing how life has changed for them. See the testimonials below for more detail.

"None of my friends believed I could stop smoking but with your help, it has been easy, you are a truly amazing woman, thank you" Mr A, South Norfolk.

"This whole process has been wonderful. Not only have I lost all the weight I wanted to, but I have made radical changes throughout my life too" Diane, Nr Kings Lynn.

"After just one session, I felt so much more confident, my anxiety is manageable and I am able to go out and do the things I want to do" M, Dereham.

"After the Sports hypnosis sessions, I felt much more powerful and in control when I got into the ring, and was able to perform in the way I knew I could. It was as if something inside had been unlocked" K, Norwich.

"The Hypno-Band experience has been incredible. I hardly think about food now and the weight loss has been easy." M.A, Cambridgeshire.

"My sleep has improved and I have much more confidence… it has been educational and provided me with some really useful insights" Mike, Norwich.