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Phobias treated in Norwich, Norfolk

Do you have a Phobia or Fear that is holding you back from enjoying life to the full? How would your life improve if you were free from that fear or phobia?

What effect do phobias have?

Many people suffer anxiety and disruption to their lives because of phobias or being fearful, when they could be living a fulfilled life free from the restrictions these phobias and fears place on them. 

“Isn’t being fearful part of life?”

It is not unusual to be a bit nervous before an unknown event and this only serves to make us do our best. However, a fear or phobia can leave us unable to function in a rational and capable way seriously impeding our ability to carry out everyday tasks or a to lead a fulfilled life.

“Can you cure phobias?”

By  using hypnotherapy and EFT, in the majority of cases, these anxieties, fears, phobias and the panic associated with them can be treated and stopped…for good.

Aren’t  Fears and Phobias natural and to protect us?

We are all born with only two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. All other fears and phobias are the result of an experienced event, even if we can’t remember what that event might be. I use Hypnosis and EFT to help you unlock fear or phobia in a calm and safe relaxed state, so that you are able to move on and leave that fear or phobia behind you.

“I am scared of heights….can you cure this phobia?”

Because the majority of fears and phobias have a common theme, they all cause anxiety or panic in the sufferer.

Because of the way phobias develop, a fear or phobia can be of anything at all.

“What about being Afraid of Needles?”

Whether you suffer from

While the fear can seem illogical and irrational to the sufferer, please be assured that as a trained therapist, no phobia or fear is a surprise, not even fear of fear itself.  Which can often be the case.
Whatever the phobia there will be a cure or improvement for it.

“What phobia cures are there? Can Fears and Phobias be treated with medication?”

Previously, the medical profession may have believed that there was little that could be done to alleviate these anxieties, fears and phobias other than anti-anxiety medication. This only treated the symptoms of the fear or phobia.  But over the last 35 years, research has shown how fears and phobias are created and we now know that by using Emotional Freedom Technique (or tapping therapy) and hypnosis, these fears and phobias can be stopped quickly, effectively and safely.

Will I have to Face my Fear or Phobia head on?

I do not believe in making anyone face their Fear or Phobia head on.  Because hypnosis is a relaxing and calming experience, dealing with and getting rid of the fear or phobia is an uplifting and cleansing experience following on from which you are free to live your life without being controlled by a past experience.

To find out more and discuss how I can help you call Nicola Mills

Nicola Mills (Dip Hyp CS, AAMET) qualified  Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner Based in Norwich Norfolk