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Pain Relief in Norwich, Norfolk

Pain Relief, Hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Hypnosis and EFT are effective pain relief tools and I will teach you techniques to manage your pain more effectively and naturally. Using hypnotherapy or EFT to control your pain could mean that you need fewer pain relief pharmaceuticals and have an improved quality of life. You will learn the hypnosis and EFT techniques to use control your pain whenever you need. 

The Power of the Mind as a Pain Relief Tool

Have you ever cut yourself and not noticed any pain until you looked at it and saw the injury? It is when you see it and only when you see it that you suffer the pain.  Then when you think about something else, you get relief from the pain almost immediately.

The brain is a very powerful control centre and when it comes to pain relief it is one of the most powerful tools we have. It is in our nature to become anxious when we feel pain as it our body’s way of warning us of danger. However, because of that anxiety or fear we naturally pull away from the pain which causes tension in the tiny fibres and tissues surrounding the area where pain is, increasing the intensity of the pain making relief of it harder. Also because we tend to focus on the pain and how it makes us feel, this acts as a magnifying glass increasing the pain’s intensity. Using Hypnosis and EFT techniques will help you learn other ways of relieving your pain.

For any chronic pain you are advised to seek a medical diagnosis, and this is essential to rule out any underlying cause of your pain.

I can also help using EFT On-Line (see my EFT On-Line Page for more information).

To find out more and discuss how I can help you call:

Nicola Mills (Dip Hyp CS, AAMET) qualified Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner Based in Norwich, Norfolk